Pvre GinZero 12 Botanics 70cl

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Ginzero alcohol-free gin

The Gin was first created several centuries ago. Now there is also GINZERO Botanics : light and dry, with typical citrus aroma, ideal for a classic "Gin and Tonic", but also suitable for other types of cocktails.

Juniper berries, cardamom, coriander, oranges, better oranges, limes, cinnamon, orange blossom, violet, lavender and myrtle are the 12 botanicals featured in our GINZERO.

Gin is a spirit beloved by white alcohol and cocktail lovers, so the existence of a non-alcoholic version might surprise many. It is indeed difficult to imagine a non-alcoholic gin capable of stimulating the taste buds as much as a traditional gin. However, today gin is reinventing itself, and our taste and aroma researchers are now able to offer you a gin that tastes just as good on its own or as a base for cocktails that you might have made with an alcoholic gin. A godsend for you or your guests who do not drink alcoholic beverages (by choice or for health reasons).

The choice to drink a non-alcoholic beverage around a table where one would like to have a drink, is no longer a question of constraint but a question of affirming one's choices. The choice to take care of oneself, one's body, to feel better, is a whole new state of mind! And this new state of mind, Univers Drink has understood it well and that's why it offers a wide choice of alcohol-free drinks allowing you to follow your desires: Fromalcohol-free wine to cocktails, through sparkling wine, let yourself be seduced by its low-calorie drinks!



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